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Ascension Day Dress and Apron

I have been working on a new outfit based on this image by Cesare Vecellio (colored by me, the original is a black and white print):

So far I have gotten the paneled apron done and posted here.

Ascension Day Dress

And the green dress is mostly done (minus the shoulder rolls) and posted here.

Green Ascension Day Dress

I am still getting all the little accessories in order, but once I do and get a final picture mimicking the original print, I'll post here again.

Finished Red Outfits!

Full View

The red outfits I posted about in December are all done! We slapped a bunch of black trim all over, and added some sleeves, for a lovely pair of red outfits (or orange under indoor event lighting!). I separated the outfits into two posts, one for him, and one for her.
I wrote up a post on how I do my hair for mid-late 16th century Italian outfits. In case you were ever curious :D


I also wrote about starching and ironing wrist ruffs. Ruffly cuffs are so pretty!


Matching Red Outfits and Shirt

A few new updates today on Morgandonner.com!

Firstly, I finally did a write up on the surprise Birthday shirt I made two years ago for my Mr. Fancy.


We are working on a set of matching red wool outfits!  Mostly aiming for 1560's Northern Italy.  His is mostly done and wearable (as you can see below on the left) but there are grand plans to trick it out with black silk trim, and the buttons/buttonholes still need to be finished up on the doublet.
Sept Crown

And my red dress to match his!  Just need to make sleeves to finish it off.
Newly Trimmed!

Italian Jewelry for Largesse

I entered another Dirty Dozen, read about it here!

Dirty Dozen Donation Derby


Bruegel Apron

New post!  Includes lots of pictures!  Go to the link here: http://www.morgandonner.com/2013/10/bruegel-apron/

Peasant Wedding

Apron Largesse

A new update on the Morgandonner.com site!  This time it is about my Apron Largesse entry at May Crown, go have a look!

Dirty Dozen Largess


Italian Turquoise Dress Update

I recently received a lovely gift from my fiancé: The Clothing of the Renaissance World. This book contains all the images from Cesare Vecellio’s Habiti Anichi et Moderni, the second 1598 edition. I was surprised at how often the artist mentions veils being worn by women of all stations, in every country, but especially Italy.

16th Century Artisan Class Dress

Read more here.