June 27th, 2014

Project Index

UPDATE: Website here: http://www.morgandonner.com I will try to cross post for those that actively read their Friends Page.

Hello and welcome to my journal!  Here are some things that may be of interest to you:
My Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/healormor/
  This is often my first stop for posting new things.  It is mostly sewing oriented, but there are other crafts too.

My deviantArt gallery: http://healormor.deviantart.com/
  I try to only post finished projects there, but there are some in-progress photos as well.  Consider it a very condensed version of my Flickr gallery.

My LiveJournal is currently just an update source for my posts on MorganDonner.com.  I try to post my projects in an easy to read, dress diary type format.  When I first started learning to sew historical outfits, I found dress diaries to be the most helpful learning tools.  I want to contribute my projects in the hopes that they will prove just as useful for others.