April 30th, 2014

My First Lasted Shoe

I have made a few pairs of simple turn shoes before, simple and clumsy things that were not very pretty, but worked well for medieval fashions.  When I started wear 16th century styles more, the turn shoes I had made did not go very well with my outfits, and were starting to fall apart anyways since I did not have a good understanding of how to make them well.

Flash forward a few years.  A few of my current projects require shoes that are not available as ready-made options (which has expanded greatly in the past few years, so I cannot just buy them.  The two above are good examples: low-medium height chopine, an over shoe with a slight wedge shaped heel, called a pianelle by the Vecellio, and a white slipper shoe, likely of a .... continue reading at MorganDonner.com.

Lasted 16th century shoe